Debenture Listing Agreement

Debenture Listing Agreement: An Introduction

A debenture is a type of debt instrument issued by a company that promises to pay back the principal amount along with interest at a fixed rate on a specified date. Debentures are an essential component of corporate finance and are issued to raise capital for a company`s operations.

In order to list debentures on a stock exchange, companies are required to enter into a Debenture Listing Agreement (DLA) with the exchange. The DLA outlines the terms and conditions that businesses must adhere to in order to list their debentures on the exchange. This article provides an overview of the essential elements of a debenture listing agreement.

Requirements for Listing Debentures

Companies must meet various requirements to list their debentures on a stock exchange. These requirements include:

1. Credit Rating: Many exchanges require companies to obtain a specific credit rating for their debentures to be listed. This rating is based on factors such as the company`s financial performance, its ability to repay the debt, and its overall creditworthiness.

2. Public Disclosure: Companies must provide comprehensive information about their business operations and financial performance. This information includes financial statements, annual reports, and other disclosures mandated by the exchange.

3. Corporate Governance: Companies must have sound corporate governance practices in place, such as an independent board of directors that oversees the business`s operations and ensures compliance with relevant regulations.

4. Compliance: Companies must comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including securities laws and exchange rules.

Key Provisions of a Debenture Listing Agreement

A DLA typically includes several key provisions that companies must follow while listing their debentures on the stock exchange. Some of these provisions include:

1. Listing Fees: Companies are required to pay listing fees to the exchange for listing their debentures.

2. Trading Rules: The DLA outlines the rules for trading the debentures on the exchange. This includes rules around trading hours, order types, and market maker requirements.

3. Reporting Requirements: Companies are required to provide regular updates on their financial performance, including quarterly and annual financial reports.

4. Material Changes: Companies must report any material changes to their business operations that could affect the value of their debentures.


A debenture listing agreement is a crucial document that outlines the requirements for companies looking to list their debentures on a stock exchange. By adhering to these requirements, companies can tap into a broader pool of investors and raise capital to fund their business operations. The DLA is an essential component of corporate finance and plays a crucial role in ensuring transparency, accountability, and compliance with relevant regulations.